Empowering Malaysians with accurate information through our fact-checking services

Faqcheck’s mission is to help our partners and clients discern fact from fiction by equipping them with reliable information. Trusted by major organisations and universities, we have been at the forefront of fact-checking and media literacy training in Malaysia. Faqcheck is dedicated to fostering accuracy and trust in our increasingly complex world. Connect with us. Let us help you to disarm disinformation and safeguard brand reputation

Our team

Khalil Majeed
Project Director

With almost a decade of experience in investigations and documentary production across Malaysia, Khalil oversees all project aspects, from donor communication to partner collaboration, team supervision, and project execution. His responsibilities also encompass financial oversight, reporting and progress monitoring.

Chan Tau Chou
Executive Editor

With over two decades in journalism, Chan Tau Chou (TC) was part of the pioneering team that launched Al Jazeera English, where he led complex and award-winning productions across Asia. At Faqcheck, he oversees business operations, administration and finances while ensuring strict editorial standards in our programs.

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